Neuropsychiatry is a medical field that consists of a combination of both psychiatry and neurology. The origin of the mental health disorder comes from the negative functioning and complexities of the brain. For treating mental health issues, it is essential to develop an innovative treatment considering the mechanism of the brain. 

A neuropsychiatrist is a doctor that has the specialization in treating and diagnosing various mental health disorders effectively by considering their neurological functions. You must consult the best neuro psychiatrist in Siliguri if you're facing any symptoms of mental health disorder. 

Here is some of the role that a neuropsychiatrist can play in treating mental health issues. 

1. Provide Psychotherapy 

Neuropsychiatrists help patients in reducing the symptoms of mental health disorders by providing various types of psychotherapy. The psychological techniques manage the symptoms for providing stable mental health. 

Some of the prominent psychotherapy includes: 

· Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  

· Group Therapy 

· Marital Therapy 

· Humanistic Therapy

2. Prescribe Medications 

Neuropsychiatrists also manage mental health disorders by prescribing certain medications. They possess the license of prescribing medicines and can select the effective drug for the issue. 

Before prescribing the drug, they monitor the history and needs of the patients. They also consider the interaction of the prescribed drug with other drugs for determining the probable side effects. 

3. Specialized Knowledge 

Neuropsychiatrists can effectively treat mental health disorders because they have expertise and knowledge in both psychiatry and neurology. This helps them in identifying the relationship between mental health and the brain. They can easily treat complex and serious mental health issues through comprehensive care and understanding of neurological diseases. 

This makes the treatment more targeted toward the root cause of the disorder. For instance, if the diagnosis directs toward depression disorder, then the patient can avail of the best depression counseling in Siliguri for fast recovery.  

4. Understands Brain Changes 

Neuropsychiatrists have a wide knowledge of brain functioning and structure. The change in the structure due to an injury can cause certain mental health issues, which can be easily identified by them. 

It allows the neuropsychiatrists to recommend a treatment that will not only manage the mental health symptoms but will also help in getting recovered from the injury. They can also understand the impact of that brain disorder on behavioral and language changes. 

5. Changes Thinking Patterns 

One of the key roles that neuropsychiatrists play in treating the mental health disorder is of changing the negative thinking patterns of the patients. Through cognitive behavioral therapy, maladaptive behaviors can be eliminated for improving mental health. 

You can select the best neuropsychiatrist in Siliguri by considering credentials, reviews, and experience. After finding the appropriate neuropsychiatrist you can fix a consultation. The consultation will help the doctor in determining your medical history and health needs for continuing the diagnosis. 

By exploring the various roles of neuropsychiatrists, it can be said that they play an important role in improving the mental health condition. They can involve the behavior and brain changes of the patient for developing an integrated treatment method. Mental disorders can be treated precisely by considering the brain basis of the ongoing mental condition.